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Ramridge Primary School

Where each child shines

Values & Ethos

We are proud to announce in 2015  we were awarded  the Quality Mark as a Values-based School.

Ramridge Ethos

Ramridge Primary School is an inclusive, caring community in which each individual is valued and encouraged to grow. Our learning community is built upon the shared belief that the development of each child must be at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment in which each individual is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and be inspired to surpass expectations.

At Ramridge we teach children values. Values are aspirational attributes and attitudes. These can be nurtured to help people discover the very best of themselves, which enables them to be good citizens and prepare them for the life of work. It equips pupils with social skills that help them co-operate, and relate to others effectively. It provides them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore and develop their full potential.


• Improve behaviour and relationships.
• Develop pupils' understanding of values and their importance.
• Encourage children to model values both in and out of school.
• Promote values through the curriculum.
• Promote values by being good adult role models.
• Promote values through colourful, engaging displays.
• Encourage parents to support the programme through the website, newsletters and “Values Workshops”.

What we do:

  • Our Values Education Programme consists of two sets of 11 values covered over a two year period. The programme then repeats itself.

  • Each month a new value is introduced through values lessons in each class. This value then forms a 4 week cycle of introducing the value, links to Growth Mindset, links to British Values and then an area of topical interest e.g. E-safety.

  • Further understanding of the value in the context of the school and the wider community is developed through assemblies. Our  Ofsted (June 2013) noted assemblies as “good opportunities for pupils to consider important values such as respect and resilience”.

  • Children and staff 'Values Role Models' are chosen. Click the link below for more information.

  • Opportunities to discuss values are created through lessons such as PSHE as well as informal opportunities such as playtime.

  • Values are promoted by all staff in every aspect of school life.

  • “Reflection Time” will be used, encouraging children to reflect upon values during assemblies and in classrooms. To see examples of our reflection time click the link below.

  • Values are displayed throughout the school and within each classroom. 

  • Values are promoted to parents through the website, letters, newsletters and parent workshops. Parents can celebrate their child showing values at home by emailing