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Ramridge Primary School

Where each child shines

School Dinners


Healthy School meals are made in the school kitchen by Luton’s Catering team. Vegetarian and Halal meat meals are provided daily and a ‘fun’ lunch is provided on a Friday.

From September 2014, all children in Reception Year, Year 1 and 2 are entitled to a free school dinner.  Parents will be asked on entry whether they wish their child to have a school dinner.

In Key Stage 2, parents are required to pay for their child’s school dinner.  The cost is set by the Local Authority; the current cost of a dinner for Key Stage 2 children is £2.15.  This amount is normally reviewed each Easter.





Cashless catering – How do you pay for dinners?

All children have an account, which is managed by a company called Tucasi. Parents have an account number and pay money into their child’s account through a number of means:

  • online - using a debit card via Tucasi's internet payment services –  (account is updated within 1 hour)
  • over the counter - by presenting the barcoded letter at any PayPoint or Post Office outlet (account is updated within 2 - 3 days)

How will my child ‘pay’ for their dinner?

Every day, when children go to have their lunch they will 

–       swipe a card through the till.

If your child wishes to swap from school dinners to packed lunches or vice versa, please give the kitchen at least one week’s notice of change in writing.

If your child is in Key Stage 2 and wishes to have a 'fun Friday' school dinner, please let the kitchen know in writing.

Free School meals can be applied for if you are in receipt of Income Support or Job seekers allowance. Further details can be found at If you would like support with an application or would like support checking if you are eligible, please do not hesitate to contact one of the school’s Family workers.

Packed lunches should be healthy, in keeping with the school’s aims.

If you have an enquiry regarding school dinners then you can contact the school kitchen on 01582 483262.

Playtime snacks/fruit

All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are provided with fruit during the school day. Children in Key Stage 2 may bring in a healthy snack of fruit to eat at break time.


Children under 5 years are given free milk. At lunchtime children are given the opportunity to have milk and / or water to drink.


We encourage all children to drink water during the school day and there are water fountains in various places in the school.

Bringing money into school

Please note that all payments are now done online.