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Ramridge Primary School

Where each child shines

School Admissions

Ramridge Primary school is a community school therefore admissions to the school are managed by Luton Education Authority. Luton operates a catchment area system.

The standard number of admissions for Ramridge Primary School is 60 in any one school year. If there are more applications that this, places are allocated based on the following priorities:

  • Pupils who are 'looked after' by a local authority where the person with parental authority completes the applications form.
  • Pupils living within the school's catchment area
  • On medical grounds supported by a medical certificate
  • Pupils with sibling(s) already in the school
  • Pupils from out the school's catchment area who live at the shortest distance, measured in a straight line, between the central point of the main school site and the pupil's home address, with those living closest to the school being accorded higher priority.

Children with a statement of Special Education Need do not need to comply with the above criteria.

For further detailed information about admissions for Nursery, Reception, Key Stage 1 and 2, please read our Admissions Policy below.