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Ramridge Primary School

Where each child shines

ProKick Challenge!

On the 23rd of June, Ramridge students took part in the ProKick challenge.

The ProKick Challenge gave the students an opportunity to have a fun experience using a giant inflatable goal and digital display, showing them how fast they were able to make the ball travel. This was a fund raising event for the school and the Sports Connections Foundation.

Listed below are the fastest kick speeds (mph) from boys and girls in each class.

Lily Class - Phillip Przybylski 30.7 - Maisy Roworth 20

Buttercup Class - Filip Staniszewski 24.4 - Blerina Agushaj 25

Daisy Class - Denislav Petrov 25.5 - Klaudia Adamska 21.3

Tulip Class - Tymoteusz Sznar 23 - Kholoud Gwenford-Leguenini 23.4

Holly Class - Syed Shah 34.1 - Hannah Kanyere 23.7

Bluebell Class - Haroun Bangura 34 - Amel Antoine-Morris 25.9

Elm Class - Leon Maliqi 33.6 - Sofeeyah Smith 28.9

Ash Class - Khaled Bandaogo 35.9 - Nour Bufrakexh 23.1

Beech Class - Isaiah Rose-Abraham 38.2 - Precious Nwogbe 27.7

Fern Class - Dior McIvor-Murrary 38.2 - Susana Hernandez 33.8

Willow Class - Douglas Temple 38.1 - Saarah Smith 33.2

Chestnut Class - Femi Oginni 40.7 - Rhonesha Byam 41.4

Oak Class - Enea Koruni 44 - Eluiza Ramadani 38.9

Maple Class - Nashwan Hussain 42.3 - Chloe Manyukwi 42.5

A big thankyou to everyone involved in raising money for the school and the charity and a huge thankyou also to all the children who did an amazing job and raised more than £25 each: Mia Simmons, Finley Thompson, Megan Lynch, Katie Lynch, Jacob Walsh, Joel Lynch, Julia Orlowska, Demi Weaver, Ashley Boucher, Susanna Reid, Binnandeep Singh, Jack Impey-Davis, Kimberley Tedeschi, Jackson Fell, Anmolpreet Kour, John McGrath-O'Donoghue, Maisy Roworth, Kyle Walsh, Myies Williams, Stefani Bogdan, Lauren Dobinson, Natalie Impey, Jessica Lynch, Junior Weaver, Lucas Fensome and Mackenzie Fensome.