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Ramridge Primary School

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Pupil premium allocation and expenditure

What is the pupil premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to ensure that students from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit from the same opportunities as all other students.

The premium will help target money so that more can be done to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds that are still not doing as well at school as they could or should do.

The amount of funding we get depends on the number of children who are registered for free school meals and the number of children who are looked after and in the care of the local authority.

How is the pupil premium being spent at Ramridge Primary School?

The school has well above the national average of children on free school meals (39%) 

Pupils targeted by the pupil premium are those who are underachieving on entry to the school and not achieving the national curriculum targets during their time at school, this is possibly owing to fewer enrichment opportunities in the home and lower aspirations.

At Ramridge we believe in strategic planning and wanted to allocate the pupil premium so that all students benefited and that those students from impoverished backgrounds would be able to succeed alongside their peers.

We have invested the money in various targeted ways.  It has been used to subsidise the teaching of small target groups, to fund our family learning programmes and to fund the various afterschool clubs that we run free of charge.  The funding has contributed to the cost of increased staffing levels to ensure appropriate support exists for students whose attainment is low on entry to the school or for those who find school challenging in other ways.

We have also assisted individual students with uniform and subsidised school trips.  We firmly believe our pupil premium has been put to excellent use in furthering the educational opportunities for our less advantaged students.

Please see the report below that summarises our spending for 2015 - 2016 and the areas that we have focussed on.