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Ramridge Primary School

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Gardening Club






March 2016

Year 4 Garden Club

Today, we have been putting in our potatoes. We planted three varieties, called Cara (main crop) , Rocket (early) and Charlotte (early).

Harvey, Aaron, Antonio and Jamie work hard breaking up the big chunks of  soil.

We added chicken manure and compost to the soil which will help feed our potatoes  as they grow. The children did not like the smell of the chicken manure.

These are the seed potatoes. Each one of these is planted in the ground. Each seed will grow into a plant which will produce up to 20 potatoes of its own

Aziz, Josh, Antonio, Jamie, Harvey, Asif and Aaron used garden forks to dig over the soil. We stood on wooden planks to stop out feet getting too muddy and so the soil does not become compacted.